The Better Bus Project is the first advocacy-led and community-driven bus system redesign.

Our fleet of 750+ buses serves two out of every three transit trips in Miami. It is the most flexible system we have with the biggest room for immediate improvement (learn more from our Where's My Bus? campaign).

A bus system redesign is a collaborative planning effort to decide where today’s bus service should go (and how frequently), starting from a clean slate. The biggest outcome of the project will be a new bus network that's more useful for more people – concentrating frequent service, building better connections, and creating a stronger network.

Transit Alliance is a non-profit organization leading the project in partnership with the Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works. We have partnered with Jarrett Walker + Associates to lead the technical analysis and planning.

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Has this worked in other cities?

Yes! Cities across the country from Houston to Jacksonville have undergone a similar process and are seeing results.

What is a bus system redesign?

A collaborative effort to decide where today’s bus service should go (and how frequently), starting from a clean slate. Our system is littered with rollercoaster routes, gaps in service, poor connections and corridors that warrant strengthening. The goal of a redesign is to address all of these issues in one go, creating a more effective bus system for more people. You can learn more through our Where's My Bus? campaign.

How did this project start?

Transit Alliance created a comprehensive campaign that analyzed the bus system called Where's My Bus? – and one of the recommendations was to redesign the bus network. We presented the project to the Board of County Commissioners and subsequently asked Mayor Gimenez to commit seed funding to the effort, on the condition we would fundraise for the remainder project budget. We completed our fundraising and kicked off the project in May 2019 after the Board passed a Resolution of Support.

Will you engage residents and riders?

The entire purpose of this project is to put the fate of the bus system back in the community's hands, and engaging residents and riders is a significant part of the project's scope and budget. Transit Alliance will engage offline and online, from extensive surveying to a series of portable workshops at bus terminals.

What about the trolleys?

Integrating the trolleys is a top priority – they must complement rather than compete with the bus system. Due to the individual agreements with municipalities there are some challenges, but this process is the only major opportunity to integrate the trolleys into one system, and three trolley systems are formally part of the project – City of Miami, Miami Beach and Coral Gables.

Is this a data-driven process?

The new network will be guided by both comprehensive data analysis and community input. We will actively share data from behind the scenes.

What about dedicated lanes?

We will work to include dedicated lanes in the project, but given Miami's poor history of executing them, we can't guarantee them. We understand how important they are to creating effective service and have had several conversations with various departments on how we can include them in the project. Given the scale of transformation the bus system will face, this is the best shot we have at implementing dedicated infrastructure along major corridors.

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This project is funded by a diverse array of local and national organizations along with Transit Alliance Members and our donors.