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Final Network Report

In our final report, we explain the new bus network for Miami-Dade County including a resilience plan for the coronavirus pandemic.

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Draft Network Report

Learn more about the draft new network for Miami-Dade County and how it was created, including survey results, network analysis and more.

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Concepts Report

Complete with analysis, visualizations and diagrams – we walk you through the goals, rationale and outcomes of the two network concepts that will help shape the final network plan.

The report also outlines our key choices moving forward and summarizes the public input we have received so far.

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Choices Report

Why has ridership declined? What are our most successful bus routes, and why do they succeed? How can we make a bus network that’s more useful for more people? What are the key choices facing our County bus system as it is being redesigned?

With in-depth data analysis and extensive visualizations – the Choices report answers all these questions and more.

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Frequency Map

How often a bus arrives is a critical element of service: only five Miami-Dade County routes (or corridors) have a bus arriving every 15 minutes or better during the midday.

Our full frequency map gives you a complete picture of current bus frequencies across the entire system.

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Density & Demographics Maps

These maps visualize different kinds of density (jobs, residential and activity) and different demographics relevant to transit (race, seniors, households with no vehicles).

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Transit Time Index

How fast can transit take you there? That's one of the most important questions facing any transit system, and this tool answers it for over 100 locations in Miami-Dade County.

It measures the time it takes to drive or take transit between every location, and creates a score called the Transit Time Index, which measures how well (or not) transit can compete versus a typical car journey.

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