Coronavirus Crisis

The pandemic presents major challenges for our community, and our public transit system.

Putting the health of our community first is vital. Social distancing on transit keeps everyone safe, while operators are at a higher risk of contracting the virus and need to be protected.

This crisis also emphasizes how critical transit service is for the working families of Miami-Dade County.

We are using the Better Bus Project to create a more resilient network that's more useful for more people as our community faces this crisis and looks to recover.

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Only five County bus routes arrive every 15 minutes or less throughout the day.

Frequency = Freedom

Two out of three transit riders are on buses, but ridership has fallen by 33% over the past 5 years.

There's a lot to fix, but many of the problems start with a route network that isn't useful for most people.

With only five frequent all-day routes, most people are forced to wait 30, 45 or even 60 minutes for the next bus – making life (and transfers!) difficult for the everyday rider.

This is something we can fix – now – by designing a system that's more useful for more people.

Learn more about how we got here from Where's My Bus?


What can a new bus network do?

1Connect Residents to Opportunities

What if we could design a bus system that maximized access to jobs and services – from grocery stores to medical care? 

That's exactly what our new bus system could do, reversing decades of political route meddling to put the prosperity of our city first.

Our new system could allow the average resident to access 33% more opportunities in 60 minutes via transit.

This also allows our businesses to attract and retain talent in our growing city.

2Affordability & Equity

One car costs the average family almost $9,000 every year, a burden over and above rent or a mortgage payment.

Our new system will double the number of residents who can access a frequent bus route, allowing more residents to depend on transit and forego their car.

Those frequent routes are concentrated in the places where we can lift people out of poverty and create a more equitable system.

3Environment & Quality of Life

Reducing our emissions means putting our 750+ buses to the best possible use.

That means making the bus network useful for the most number of people, so we can take more cars off the road.

The ability to move in our community without the stress and expense of owning a vehicle is what sets great cities apart – improving the quality of life for residents young and old.


Our bus network hasn't been comprehensively designed in over 30 years.

One Step Towards Many

Redesigning the bus system is just the first step to get to where we need to be.

From dedicated infrastructure to improving reliability, there's a lot more to providing better bus service – but it starts with a system our community believes in.

This project is designed to reverse a crisis and put us on a path to reform the way we fund, plan and execute all transit in Miami-Dade.

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